Cosmetic Dermatology

Beyond Skin Deep.

We all want youthful, radiant skin no matter our age. Vitalogy smooths the way to beautiful skin by focusing first on the health of your skin. Based on our strong medical dermatology services, we offer an equally strong range of cosmetic dermatology procedures and treatments. From medical to cosmetic, every step we take is a commitment to restoring and maintaining health in your skin.

You deserve the assurance of medical professionals, no matter what the procedure. Whether you’re looking for fillers or facials, microdermabrasion or mole removal, our team of medical experts is committed to safe, effective treatments with proven results. Vitalogy is your partner in achieving healthy, beautiful skin – for life, and the life of your skin.

Love your skin. Give us a call today and set an appointment for more information. You can learn more about our specific cosmetic procedures with the links to the left.